Friday, March 29, 2019

2nd Gr Color Mixing

Students practiced mixing and inventing colors using a palette. They were able to take the information that they learned and show how to mix the primary colors to make secondary colors.

Classroom at Becket Washington

This is my classroom at Becket Washington

Animal Skull Drawings

Students at Becket Washington drew REAL animal skulls for one of their themes at the Becket Outdoor Center: Skull Sleuthing!

3rd Gr Sumi-e Paintings

Students learned how to paint waves, clouds, and mountains using the traditional method of sumi-e painting. 

3rd Gr Owl Paintings

3rd Gr students created beautiful owl paintings by mixing colors on a palette. They were trying to capture the variety of colors in the feathers.

5th Gr Zentangles Mid-Process

For our Zentangle project, students practiced some techniques on a sample paper and were able to find the style that they enjoyed creating. Then we went into a final paper where they created their Zentangle design. A frame will be added later.

Kindergarten Owl Babies

Kindergarten students read Owl Babies and created their own painted papers to use for collage.